29 May 2015
Kulturni centar Travno

Projekt primjene tradicijskih motiva i tekstilnog rukotvorstva na suvremenoj odjeći, upotrebnom tekstilu i suvenirima nastoji tradicijsko tekstilno rukotvorstvo uključiti u današnje modne tokove i svakodnevni život. Na taj se način popularizira ovaj dio kulturne baštine i približava mlađim naraštajima.

Briefly PIRN

The Department for the Preservation, Reconstruction and Lending of Traditional Costumes is a specialised institution for collecting, lending, reconstructing, renewing and preserving traditional costumes, folk costumes and traditional textile items. It encourages different uses of traditional and folk costumes in contemporary life and explores various ways of using them on stage. Through more than seventy years of collecting and reconstructing, the Department's collection has over 35 000 various textile items. All this makes this institution uniue in Croatia.

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