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Renewing heritage 2020.


Department for the Preservation, Reconstruction and Lending of Traditional Costumes from Zagreb (Croatia) in collaboration with folklore ensemble „Lovor“ Trnjani is the organizer of the folk event "Renewing Heritage - Reconstructed Traditional Costumes Show". The event will take place on Saturday December 12th, 2020 at 19:30 in Cultural centre Travno (Božidara Magovca 17, Zagreb).

We would like to introduce reconstructed, newly made folk costumes on the show and thus encourage traditional textile craftsmanship and folk costume making. If you are making or if you are an owner of new folk costumes, we invite you to present the costumes and their designers on this show. The event is of a competitive character. The jury, formed of ethnologists and folklorists, will award prizes to individuals, groups, associations, craftsmen or enthusiasts who have made costumes.

In spite of the COVID-19 pandemic measures and inability of travel, we would like to keep international character of the program by presenting foreign costumes by video presentation. So we invite you to present you costume on video no longer that 5 minutes. This video will be shown to jury and during the program which will be broadcast with live stream.

The right to present at the show will have costumes for which the jury has previously assessed to meet the necessary professional and aesthetic criteria. You can find the contest regulations and the application form below. Please send the application form and other materials until November 30th 2020 at the following address: KUC Travno - Posudionica i radionica narodnih nošnji, Božidara Magovca 17, 10 010 Zagreb Croatia or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Announcing the exhibition Proudly wearing MY mask


We are proudly announcing an exhibition



Tradtional textile techniques during the pandemic

October 27th – November 27th 2020.

Cultural Centre Travno lobby

Božidara Magovca Street no. 17, Zagreb


Prompted by epidemiological recommendations and a completely uncertain situation, this year the Croatian Ethno-Treasury, a ten-day summer workshop on traditional textile techniques and manufacturing of folk costumes organized by Posudionica, unfortunately could not be held in its current form. Wanting to continue raising awareness of the importance of preserving traditional handicrafts, but also to encourage and develop their contemporary application, The Department for the Preservation, Reconstruction and Lending of Traditional Costumes issued a public call for the creation of creative protective masks.on August 3, 2020. This call had only two conditions: the mask had to be epidemiologically functional (i.e., be minimally two-layered and cover the nose and mouth) and had to be made or decorated with some kind of traditional textile technique. 30 contestants responded to the invitation and this exhibition will present their works.

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Briefly PIRN

The Department for the Preservation, Reconstruction and Lending of Traditional Costumes is a specialised institution for collecting, lending, reconstructing, renewing and preserving traditional costumes, folk costumes and traditional textile items. It encourages different uses of traditional and folk costumes in contemporary life and explores various ways of using them on stage. Through more than seventy years of collecting and reconstructing, the Department's collection has over 35 000 various textile items. All this makes this institution uniue in Croatia.

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