Preservation and reconstruction

29 May 2015
Restoration and reconstruction


In our preservation and reconstruction workshop, we make replicas of traditional costumes, folk costumes and historic uniforms, and work to preserve and renew damaged costumes and traditional textile items. Notable results have been achieved in restoring costumes belonging to Croatian museums and making replicas for permanent exhibitions at ethnographic museums. Numerous folk costumes have been made for Lado, the National Folk Dance Ensemble of Croatia and amateur folk groups. We also make replicas of historical flags, officer uniforms of historical brigades, and costumes for the traditional sword dances moreška and kumpanija. Our Department organizes various educational programmes – lectures on traditional costumes, seminars on using them on stage, summer workshops and programmes where participants learn traditional textile-related skills and how to make and restore costumes.

B- Magovca 17, Zagreb
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Phone: +385-1-660-1514

Briefly PIRN

Department for Preservation, Reconstruction and Lending of Traditional Costumes is a specialised institution for collecting, lending, reconstructing, renewing and preserving traditional costumes, folk costumes and traditional textile items. It encourages different uses of traditional and folk costumes in contemporary life and explores various ways of using them on stage. Through more than seventy years of collecting and reconstructing, the Department's collection has more than 34 700 various textile items. All this makes this institution uniue in Croatia.

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