Cultural-educational programs

29 May 2015
Culturan-educational programs


Programmes related to museums, galleries and the stage (ethnographic exhibitions, folk-music concerts, costume presentations and other events) and the Department's publications (catalogues, videos, CDs, DVDs, documentaries) provide basic ethnological information on traditional costumes. They show how to choose a costume, how to wear it properly, and how to maintain it, and emphasise their ethnographic and artistic value and show various ways of using traditional costumes on stage. The Department has significantly influenced and contributed to development of folklore amateur groups in Zagreb and all around Croatia.
Some of the most important programs organized by The Department for the Preservation, Reconstruction and Lending of Traditional Costumes are:

  • Croatian Ethno-treasury
    One of the most significant project is this ten-day practical workshop where students learn the art and craft of traditional textile techniques. They learn how to make, decorate, restore, properly stack and take care of traditional costumes. Beginners and advanced students learn the knowledge which was passed on to local demonstrators, experts in their field.
  • Renewing Heritage
    This reconstructed traditional costumes show has been held in Trnjani near Slavonski Brod since 2011. The manifestation is of a competitive character. The jury, formed of ethnologists and folklorists, awards prizes to individuals, groups, associations, craftsmen or home-made workers who have made costumes and were especially successful in reconstructing them.
  • Correct Use of Traditional Costumes Seminar
    This seminar organized by the Department is meant to teach folklore amateurs from Zagreb and Croatia about the correct use of traditional and folk costumes on stage. By educating people who take care of traditional costumes we encourage them to learn more about properly presenting Croatian textile heritage.
  • Maintenance and Storage of Traditional Costumes Seminar
    Proper maintenance is a segment of caring about traditional costumes which is crucial in preserving them. Folklore groups and various individuals are educated in several techniques of cleaning, folding and storing of traditional costumes.
  • Our Ancestors Costumes
    This children's art workshop is meant to teach the young about traditional costumes and culture, but also to give them a creative outlet to interpret the costumes in the way they see them.

Briefly PIRN

Department for Preservation, Reconstruction and Lending of Traditional Costumes is a specialised institution for collecting, lending, reconstructing, renewing and preserving traditional costumes, folk costumes and traditional textile items. It encourages different uses of traditional and folk costumes in contemporary life and explores various ways of using them on stage. Through more than seventy years of collecting and reconstructing, the Department's collection has more than 34 700 various textile items. All this makes this institution uniue in Croatia.

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